en levande utställning (A Living - an exhibition)

This dance exhibition was first premiered in Kulturlager Backaplan, a warehouse in Gothenburg, Sweden, August 2013. It has subsequently been performed as part of Port14 Norrtäljes nya Kultur Festival, Sweden.

Who is in control of knowledge and truth? Who has power over when it can be changed?

The visitor enters a space where different sets of truths are being expressed through the performers. The visitors will also encounter various perspectives via a possible conversation over skype, a talking game with the performers, and pre-selected Mp3 lectures that are in circulation.

Choreography: Ina Dokmo
in collaboration with the dancers
Irina Baldini
Alice MacKenzie
Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome
Megan saunders
Helena Webb
Rebecka Ohlsson
Minna Wendin